CSU Live Testimonial

Louise Lannen

Louise Lannen

CSU Design graduate

“The Design course at CSU made me fall in love with television and film. It gave me the courage to take my dreams and turn them into reality. Since graduating, I've worked in the art department on three feature films and three Australian television series. I then, in a moment of madness and courage, moved to the UK to follow my dream to work in the British Film and Television industry. Since moving to the UK, I have knocked so many things off my bucket list! Working with greats like Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen, on both period BBC dramas and British crime drama. In truth, none of it would have happened if I had never gone to CSU at Wagga Wagga and been brave enough to enter the creative world.

“A really good aspect of the course is that it gave me a broad knowledge in every aspect of design, that has made building on the particular skills I need easier. Through my study and the productions we did at CSU I developed a can-do attitude – I know that anything can be created no matter how small the budget or tight the time frame and I learnt how to work under pressure. The challenges we were given at CSU meant I've developed a strong work ethic, which has given me a determination to succeed and this has helped me enormously to follow my dreams in the UK.”