CSU Live Testimonial

Hannah Koch

Hannah Koch

CSU Acting for Stage & Screen Graduate

“Having lecturers who have worked in the theatre and film industry meant we could learn from mentors who knew what we needed to prepare for. Our lecturers are truly there to best prepare us for our future. Not only does their experience help us learn, but it also helped us get internship opportunities because our resumes have references that are respected.

"Having learnt through practical means gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and practice ones I already had. I learnt from my teachers and my fellow students, we learnt how to work in a team and to a deadline.  Without these basic practices there is no chance I could survive in this industry. However, it was more than just expanding my practical skills. When you are learning both practical and theory based modules you learn how to manage your time effectively which is a skill that is integral to any industry.

"As an acting major who had such a strong interest in design, I was lucky to attend a university such as Charles Sturt University (CSU) which enabled me to pursue both of my passions. I got to see both sides of a practical production, which means as a graduate I could not be better prepared to create my own work in the industry. Having been trained in skills for management, construction, design and performance I am able to build a production from multiple angles knowing my University degree has prepared me to the best possible standard.

"Employment after University is always mixed and every individual has a different experience. I was encouraged to do internships through my degree and by doing that I was networking with future employers before I even graduated. The entire School at CSU builds a community between students of varying disciplines and year levels. This sense of community has even given me opportunities to work interstate and overseas."