CSU Live Testimonial

Holly Reay

Holly Reay

Bachelor of Stage & Screen (Acting)

“I decided to study acting as I did quite well in drama in my HSC and I decided to continue with it. I chose both stage and screen as I knew we could collaborate with the design and television production students which is very beneficial. I was pretty lucky to be accepted into the course before my HSC results even came out.

"At Charles Sturt University (CSU) we did most of our learning in ‘TV Land’. This is where students from design, TV and acting all come together. It included a TV studio where TV production students work, the movement studio where the actors would go to do warmups, as well as a voice recording studio. In town we also had access to the Riverina Playhouse theatre to use for public performances.

"After my first semester learning all the basics such as breathing and moving, we were able to put on a performance which was amazing. It was good to go back and learn all of the basics, it made me realise how important it is and appreciate how hard acting is – it’s not easy.

"The highlight of my course was the people I got to work with. It makes me so happy knowing that I’ll be working alongside the design and TV students one day. The networking we’ve been doing while studying has given us a head start in our careers."