CSU Live Testimonial

Steph Holumbiyevska

Industry Testimonial

Stephanie Holumbiyevska
Production and Operations Manager
HotHouse Theatre

“The respect that Charles Sturt University (CSU) students have for the art of theatre is one of the key reasons I look to employ them. There are two things that I value most about my CSU graduate and student employees. Firstly that they come to work with the right attitude - they are happy and enthusiastic, polite and always willing to do what's required to ensure productions are presented in the way they were originally designed. Secondly they are incredibly competent. Even when handling equipment they are not familiar with, the basic understanding of technical theatre and technology is there so that they are able to work efficiently and effectively on the task required.

"Being a regional area the pool of trained theatre technicians is smaller than that of larger metropolitan areas. Without the design and production courses at CSU the theatre would not be able to facilitate its season of performances and hires as well as it currently does. I have worked in other regional areas where such courses are not present and this does affect the products that are able to be delivered.”