CSU Live Testimonial

Jannice Banks

Jannice Banks

Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television)

“The most attractive aspect of the Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television) at Charles Sturt University (CSU) is the practical workload – whether in the TV or recording studio or on location or editing. The course is tailored in an environment that replicates a professional workplace.

"The facilities available to stage and screen students are also phenomenal. The studios, suites and lecture halls are modern and perfect for student use. It is a motivating and stimulating environment that promotes creative flair and the curation of outrageous ideas. The staff and resources allow for our ideas to be moulded and put onto the screen – something that is not necessarily possible with degrees at other institutions.

"The smaller classes was something else that grabbed my attention. The staff go above and beyond to encourage and assist us in any way.  They are incredibly supportive and always eager to offer their expertise.

"Regional universities are different to city institutions – the most obvious, perhaps, being the size of the campuses.  Having a small campus gives a heightened sense of community and allows for a social life that is simply not possible at a university with tens of thousands of people on campus. I became friends with students residing on campus and in town, and every day, regardless of where I was, I was guaranteed to be within minutes of a close friend.  Students are the biggest and most incredible support network I could ever imagine having on my educational journey.

"My most memorable experiences at uni would be working on location shoots. I wish to work in the field of video journalism (documentary) and working out of the studio on post-production projects is always incredible. Participating in bringing an idea forward to transcend script and moving through the shooting and editing process to the screen is so rewarding – every element of production is carefully placed and analysed multiple times, and working on the final product is something that makes one proud.

"I feel that CSU has equipped me to work in a professional media environment and given me confidence for my future career. Throughout the course of this educational journey I have been able to pinpoint and curate my strengths, work on my weaknesses, and focus on what I enjoy most about this industry.

"To anyone considering studying at CSU, consider how studying at a small University will affect the outcome of your studies. Assistance is far more accessible to students than at larger institutions, and there is so much opportunity to make the most of the academic staff."