CSU Live Testimonial

Kayla Crowe

Louise Lannen

Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Design)

“Studying the Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Design) at CSU helped prepare me for the workforce. Working with lecturers with industry experience, as well as using the fantastic facilities including the TV studio and theatre, made settling into this new environment so much easier.
I learned a lot about how I personally handle different situations and I definitely made mistakes. I made amazing contacts for future industry endeavours and having CSU on my resume has been a real bonus.

"Living on campus also helped me grow as a person and learn about other people; being put in a new environment and fending for myself definitely provided me with lifelong friendships and helped me learn how to make new friends. My Residential Advisers were definitely a huge help and made the change so much easier.
I also learned to take risks and not play it safe; doing this got me good marks and a trip around the world.

"My most memorable CSU experience was being able to go to the Prague Quadrennial in 2015 to represent CSU and Australia in costume and stage design/performance. I was also able to see stage shows in Macau and London which helped pave the way for my future. Another memorable moment was my last assignment - I made a dress out of mirrors, and I am so proud of that, even if I got into a bit of trouble for how I made it, it was stunning.

"I have just completed Series 3 of The Great Australian Bake-off working with Fremantle Media and Foxtel, and I have just landed myself a position on the Disney Cultural Exchange Program, working at Disney World in Florida as part of Costume Operations."