CSU Live Testimonial

Kerr-Anne ChinKerri-Anne Chin

Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design) and Bachelor of Creative Practice (Hons) (Graphic Design)

"Both the undergraduate and Honours courses in Creative Arts at Charles Sturt University (CSU) are full of challenging and rewarding components.  I would recommend these courses to any individual who is highly passionate and motivated about the Creative Arts industry.  It is a mixture of theory and practical subjects that provide you with skills for many disciplines within Creative Arts.

"Studying in Wagga Wagga has been very rewarding.  CSU is a regional university held in high regard in Australia and around the world, with some of the best courses on offer.  The community support, beautiful landscapes, locality of shops and quiet lifestyle bring a city and country environment, which is perfect for study.

"I found that study was a huge component to manage around my life schedule and I did a lot of prioritising and organising.  My social life had to be limited, but I knew it was all well worth it.  Studying online provided me with a lot of flexibility to work at my own pace.  All staff in the School of Communication and Creative Industries have been very supportive of my study, particularly my Honours Supervisor, Dr Belinda Paulovich.  She has given me honest feedback and guidance and I have been lucky to meet her face-to-face on campus for support.  The Honours course has also opened doors for me into further research and into academic education.  I was also awarded the CSU Honours (Merit Scholarship) which exempted my payment for HECS-HELP and also sponsored $4,000 cash for my research.  This has been of enormous assistance and I am really thankful to CSU Scholarships.

"I am currently working as a Graphic Designer for CSU Green within the Division of Facilities Management.  My Managers have been very flexible towards my study.

"My most memorable CSU experience would be graduation.  The excitement of everyone dressed in their gowns and holding their degree is surreal.  It justifies the many hard days and sleepless nights of studying.

"I would recommend CSU to anyone who would like to study.  I believe anyone from any walk of life is good enough to pursue a degree and I have always gone by the quote “You’ll never never know, if you never never go”.