CSU Live Testimonial

Tegan Brownr

Tegan Brown

Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

“Studying at Charles Sturt University (CSU) was one of the best steps in my career. The course at CSU was practical and gave us hands-on experience that absolutely helped me to gain my first role as a graduate. Because class sizes were much smaller than many other universities it meant our teachers could take the time to personally get to know students.

"Not only would I highly recommend the course, but also studying on campus. During my time at CSU I made lifelong friends and thoroughly enjoyed the social aspects and the support network offered by my ‘dormies’.

"The connections I made during my time at CSU have also been invaluable in my career. Before I entered the workplace, I was consistently told “CSU grads are the ones who get jobs” and this has absolutely proved to be true. I am now surrounded by CSU alumni as friends, colleagues and industry contacts. I wholeheartedly recommend the Public Relations degree at CSU."