CSU Live Testimonial

Tobias Wood

Tobias Wood

Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television) / Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Acting)

“Moving out of home and arriving at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga really stripped me back and took me away from every routine or pattern I was familiar with. The development you face is the shift from your high school, acne-faced, teenage years into your mature, responsible, adult self who no longer struggles with feeling like they’re not understood, and who has found their own groove, community and new family.

"If you have an open mind when starting at CSU, you’ll quickly make friends. Your dormitories become your immediate family and your cohort your extended. It’s been said a million times, but the people you meet at university will be the people you spend the rest of your life with - the sort you can sit around for hours with contemplating the depth of the universe, the hidden meanings of truth and social ambiguity in The West Wing, or if it’s too late for a Maccas Run.

"The Stage and Screen degrees have a structure unlike any other, with a combination of different degrees housed under the same roof - Television, Acting, Design, Graphic Design and Animation. Almost all sectors of Creative Industries come together in this beautifully structured degree where students can further themselves in the arts and graduate with expertise in a range of fields. An acting student can take an elective in a design class to stage manage or work set design for their own theatrical production. A design student can take an elective to understand an actor’s point of view during a theatrical performance. The possibilities are endless.

"I had the opportunity to undertake a number of work placement internships during my study. The experiences and industry professionalism gave me so much insight. I was treated to various roles and departments during my time with Sky Racing, Channel Nine and Deluxe Media, where I was given hands-on experience in which to test and refine my skills and to further my professional skill set and expand my contacts.

"The lecturing staff have spent most of their adult lives working in different sectors of the stage and screen industry, and their reputation precedes them. They are gifted in their own areas and will sacrifice their own time for you.

"CSU has everything on offer. Even if you haven’t made your mind up completely about what you want to do, don’t worry; some of the most interesting people I’ve met at CSU started studying Agriculture Science, changed to Pharmacy, spent some time working in the Library, and are now a graduate of Television, looking to complete their master’s. No one knows exactly where they’re going in life, you just have to jump in and see what happens."