CSU Live Testimonial

Zoe HibbertZoe Hibbert

3 x CSU Communication Graduate

"The foundation of my international career has been lifetime studying and teaching Communication at Charles Sturt University (CSU). I now have past students who are my friends, colleagues, and in some cases, my employees. All of them are different, but they share the unique attributes of a CSU Communication professional: intelligent, self-starting, dynamic and keen to driving change.

"When I was teaching at CSU we focused on educating our students, not just for their first jobs, but for the rest of their careers. So, if you want to be challenged; to really have to think (not in a formulaic manner, but strategically); if you want to fearlessly ask the difficult questions and have the courage to implement your answers, then CSU is the place for you. 

"To simply be the best in the game doesn't come from passively studying Communication; it comes from building an intellectual framework on to which you build your experience, fuelled by inspiration from working with the best professionals in the field.

"CSU is a core part of my life; make it yours too."