CSU Live Testimonial

Amy Constant

Amy Constant
Bachelor of Education (K-12)

"I wanted to study a course which combined more than one of my areas of interest. I really enjoyed science, but also liked working with students, so I thought the two would be a good mix. I looked at what degrees other universities were offering and the Bachelor of Education (K-12) at Charles Sturt University (CSU) offered both the science and teaching components as well as the opportunity to learn teaching in a primary and secondary setting.

"A big component of my degree has been going on work placements in both primary and secondary schools. The placements have given me the opportunity to practice the teaching skills I am learning at university, under the supervision of a qualified teacher. In fact, my most memorable CSU experience so far has been my high school work placement. The sense of achievement when I was teaching was amazing. The staff really embraced me and offered heaps of insight into what teaching is like. It allowed me to make a definite decision that I wanted to teach high school students.

"I have made friends from within my degree and outside of it. The staff have been supportive and the tutorials are very helpful. Because of the small class sizes I’ve ended up on a first name basis with the lecturers.

"I received an external scholarship from the NSW Department of Education in my final year. It not only provides financial assistance for this year and to move at the conclusion of my degree, but a guaranteed three year job teaching high school science after I graduate. I am the first in my family to attend university and my family has been very supportive of my study."