CSU Live Testimonial

Chloe Sanders

Chloe Sanders
Bachelor of Education (K-12)

"When considering my course options, I knew I wanted to do teaching ─ that was definite. I just wasn’t sure whether I wanted to teach Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary. I’ve always loved art and history, so I considered these subjects when picking my course. I also wanted to study locally. I lived in Orange and wasn’t too keen on studying in a big metropolitan city. The closest university was Charles Sturt University (CSU)."

"While studying, I’ve learnt to be more confident in how I address others and how I represent myself. I’ve learnt that it’s inevitable you will make mistakes, but the key is to learn from them. I’ve learned to professionally talk with adults, peers and teachers, as well as how to deal with tricky situations regarding children’s learning. That said, there’s still plenty more to learn!

"My course has a large workplace component and I’ve been on four work placements to date. I’ve found the placements to be really interesting and engaging and I’m putting what I’m learning into practice! I’ve taught twice at schools in Orange, volunteered for an After-School Care Program and lived away from home for three weeks while I did placement at Wyangala Dam Public School. It’s an eye-opening experience, and while the first day is always nerve-wracking, it’s definitely worth it.

"The staff at CSU have been incredibly supportive. The lecturers are always passionate about what they teach, which makes it a lot easier to learn. They provide after-hour support, are both critical and encouraging in marking, and are also encouraging in class.

"Some of my most memorable CSU experiences have been day trips around Bathurst to visit historical places for the history component of my course. I am majoring in Modern History and I’ve been on excursions to historical houses and antique shops. This hands-on learning is incredibly beneficial and fun!

"CSU is unique in its familiarity and it is comforting going to a university that’s close to home and is the same sort of environment as what I grew up in. Being regional, there are so many opportunities to visit places and make a name for myself. CSU is a wonderful university with loads of great opportunities waiting to be seized."