CSU Live Testimonial

nathan de rooy

Nathan de Rooy
Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship)
Bachelor of Education (Primary)

"I chose to undertake my Masters degree with CSU as the NSW Department of Education recognises their education courses. Additionally, I undertook my undergraduate degree at CSU on their Bathurst Campus and had firsthand knowledge of their support programs and levels of literature available for students. CSU has the largest journal database in the country. Another contributing factor is that CSU is a leader of education courses nationwide and a leader in online study with one of the highest online student populations in the country.

"Studying online is a very daunting thing to do, however with CSU I have found that it isn’t that hard. All resources are available for you through your subject portal. Usually all resources from assessment assistance to learning modules are loaded up for student access at the start of the session so you’re able study at your own pace and your availability. Additionally, as an online student I have access to overwhelming support from the Outreach Team and Library Services, just to name a couple. The academics are also a wonderful resource and are happy to respond to forum posts, emails and phone calls all the time.

"During my undergraduate years I received a fail mark for an essay in an art subject. I found the marking criteria had too much content and very long and I organised a meeting with my fantastic lecturer who listened to my struggles with the assessment task and concerns over the marking criteria. She sat me down and went through the second assessment, nutting out exactly what I was required to do. She then tweaked the outline and resent it to all students, after which she then personalised the criteria to a distinction minimum, resulting in receiving a HD in my final mark for the second assessment.

"I undertook four learning experiences, one for each year of Uni, during my undergraduate course. The most memorable would be the trip to Menindee and Broken Hill. The university was able to obtain funds from the mining industry around Broken Hill to fund 10 students from Early Childhood and Primary and Primary Education courses to undertake their 2nd year or 3rd year practicums in the local area. Overall the experience was amazing, teaching alongside various amazing teachers and amazing peers from university. We had overwhelming support from the university as well with the director of prac placement attending as supervisor. The experience was one week in Menindee working in the central school and exploring the community, along with working closely with the community for a local performing showcase.

"Some people say workplace learning can be a waste of time. However when it comes to education courses, this isn’t the case! By undertaking practical placements, as a pre-service teacher it allows you to practice what you have been taught and actually allow you to figure out if the profession you are training in is actually for you. Prac placements have been highly beneficial for me as it has allowed me to utilise what I have learnt and tweak my teaching to suit my personality and the way my students like to learn. It has also enabled me to put in behaviour management techniques that are completely different to what I was taught at University, as they do not always work. Teaching is like being a chameleon. You need to adapt to different factors that always change.

"Apart from the Menindee and Broken Hill practicum that I undertook in 2nd year, I was able to to do any of the other exchange options available to CSU students due to work obligations both at CSU and at home. However if you’re thinking of attending a CSU Global placement, University Exchange or visiting a partner University, to do so, ask questions, investigate, speak with those individuals that have done these placements…..as you will have a blast and learn a lot not only about yourself but your passion towards your career. More importantly you’ll learn life skills and develop friends for life."