CSU Live Testimonial

Nyrie AtkinNyrie Atkin
Bachelor of Exercise Science (Rehabilitation) graduate

"I was attracted to my course because I wanted to have a job in the sports industry. CSU in Bathurst is unique due to the opportunity to get involved with the Western Regional Academy of Sport (WRAS) internship program. Being a part of this program really developed my passion and growth as a coach. It taught me about strength and conditioning, how to build relationships with coaches, parents and athletes, and made me feel linked to the local Bathurst community. I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to get involved in the sports industry to apply for the WRAS internship program.

"During my degree I completed practical placements in Bathurst, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Practical experience is essential. For me, the best thing about it was that it gave me an insight into what working in the industry would really entail. It gave me an opportunity to compare myself to the very best in the field, which emphasised the areas that I needed to improve in and gave me direction in my learning and development. It was also helpful to solidify my desire to work in elite sport and it really ignited my passion for strength and conditioning.

"For me, graduation really was a celebration of all the hard work I had put in over the three years. To finally complete what, at times, had felt like it would not be possible, and be awarded with the highest GPA in my degree, made it all worthwhile. To be the first child in my family to graduate from university and share that moment with my family and friends meant a lot to me.

"I am currently completing a year contract at the Australian Institute of Sport, as a Post Graduate Scholar in Strength and Conditioning. My goal is to become a great coach; someone who can get the best out of anyone they work with. I wish to never stop learning and developing, I wish to inspire hard work and success in my athletes, and I hope to eventually by a strong, positive female presence in S & C.

"My advice to students just starting at uni would be to have an end goal or job in mind, make every situation an opportunity, and to work hard."