CSU Live Testimonial

Angela WriterAngela Writer

Bachelor of Arts

"I had moved to Canberra when I started thinking about university and I knew that with young children, attending lectures and tutorials wasn’t necessarily going to work for me. Online study was the most flexible option and Charles Sturt University (CSU) had the largest range of Art History study options, which was something I was interested in.

"I loved the Bachelor of Arts, and building it by selecting subjects from the Art History, History and Politics disciplines. It was wonderful to research subjects as diverse as Italian Renaissance Art, Literature and Society and Politics and the Media. This was fascinating, and so rewarding.

"CSU staff were wonderful. They were always available when I had a question, and provided me with lots of feedback.

"It was hard to beat graduation day in Wagga, in 2012. I still remember lots of CSU flags flying, meeting my tutors in person, and bringing the family along to see the graduation (something that I often doubted would ever happen!).

"To anyone considering studying at CSU – do it.  It’s one of the best things I ever did, and something I’m terribly proud of."