CSU Live Testimonial

Claudio Dionigi

Claudio Dionigi

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

"I began my studies in Canada while working as a research assistant, but during my course I returned to Australia to work as a librarian at Charles Sturt University (CSU). I needed a course that was flexible, and studying online provided many advantages. Studying online worked for me because I like to work independently and am self-motivated. The study materials were available at all times, as were the library resources, and I made it a rule to do some study every day.

"The staff were always professional and supportive. I had many discussions with my supervisors, and found the support staff in particular to be exceptionally helpful.

"I was the first in my family to graduate from university, although I was soon followed by my sister. It meant the world to me and was a source of pride for my parents and siblings. Now, with the exception of one nephew, all of the next generation have studied at university. In a sense, I feel like I opened the door to the world of learning for my nieces and nephews.

"My most memorable CSU experience was receiving the University Medal for my course, with my children and wife in attendance at the graduation ceremony.

"Regional universities are unique in that they offer a much smaller and more intimate experience than a larger city university (having attended both). This makes the experience much more personal and I built a connection to the academics and staff at CSU.

"The other unique factor about CSU is its huge geographical footprint that allows you to study online at a university with lots of experience or at a choice of regional towns. Regional universities also provide the opportunity to study somewhere close to home if you live in a regional area, or allow you to get a taste of living in a regional area if you are from a city.

"If you are considering CSU, I would say that it is the most flexible of any tertiary institution and you would not regret studying either on campus or online ─ I’ve done both at CSU. Both study modes have their positives, so work out which is best for you and jump in head first. You won’t regret it."