CSU Live Testimonial

Emily ParrEmily Parr

"CSU global gave me the opportunity to live and study in Paris, France for my second last semester. I'd always wanted to live overseas, and CSU's support meant I was able to do so while also furthering my studies. It helped me gain a global perspective on my degree (business management) and experience a different approach to university. 

I made so many friends from around the world, travelled the UK and Europe, spend Anzac Day at Gallipoli, while experiencing an extremely different, and rich culture. I've come away from exchange with so many memories as well as a bucket load of life experience. Since graduation it's helped me gain employment in the travel industry. 

I cannot stress enough how amazing the experience has been for me. Quite simply it's life changing. I made so many amazing friends and had so many fun times while I was on exchange. I felt that I learnt a lot, not just academically, but about myself and what I am capable of. Every student should do it!"