Jessica Denham - Bachelor of Social Work


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Jessica Denham

Jessica Denham

Bachelor of Social Work

“Studying the Bachelor of Social Work at Charles Sturt University (CSU) at Port Macquarie has meant it has been super easy to make friends – everyone is so supportive and friendly, allowing for friendships and social connections. The staff have been amazing – every staff member I have dealt with has gone above and beyond. Garth Norris has been a huge support for me in transitioning back into university after having five years off. My class teachers have always been available, supportive and informative. The librarians are friendly and supportive, and the staff at Student Central are always a smiling face and great whenever I need any help. I also received a scholarship and it has been an absolute life savour allowing me to focus more of my energy on study and reduce the stress related to finances.

"The practice subjects offer a lot of practical skills, and the other subjects have helped me develop crucial social work knowledge. There has definitely been a lot of personal development through the subject content that has allowed for critical reflection and a heightened self-awareness, which is essential for social work. I feel I am learning all the skills and knowledge I need to help me with my social work career. I will also do a 500-hour field placement this year and next year.

"O-week was pretty awesome for me. I found the course orientation a really amazing surprise. I was in one room with thirty or so students and three teachers, and given the opportunity to meet a bunch of familiar faces, told where I could find support and explained everything in detail about the crazy and challenging (but rewarding!) ride I was about to undertake.

"From day one I have felt like part of something special. The amount of support, guidance and help I received was so beneficial. Coming to CSU never felt scary or overwhelming, but has been a welcoming, inclusive and supportive experience."