CSU Live Testimonial

Kylie Crnek-GeorgesonKylie Crnek-Georgeson

Bachelor of Health Science (Leisure & Health) and Master of Gerontology

"To anyone considering studying at Charles Sturt University (CSU), I would say that CSU is by far the most advanced University when it comes to online study, and, I would encourage you to give it a try."

"I initially enrolled in my Diploma of Health Science (Leisure and Health) as I had two small daughters and a part-time job, so I needed my study to be flexible, hence choosing CSU.  I also wanted familiarity with a university, online learning and excellent academic staff support.

"I worked throughout my entire study journey with CSU for my Diploma, Bachelor and Masters degrees.  I was working in vocational education and then moved into community services, both aged care and disability focused.  My course was extremely relevant to my area of work.

"I fitted study into my life by working through my subjects at a pace that worked well for me, making sure I worked with the recommended study schedule that CSU provided.  What seemed to work well for me was to make sure that I had read the recommended readings and prepared well before embarking on writing my assessments.  I also ensured that my daughters were happy and cared for whilst I was studying.  I felt that I was a very good role model for them, showing them that you can study, play and work, as long as you are organised and dedicated.  I also wanted to show them that a very good and solid education can help you achieve your goals in life.  My family are very proud of my achievements, and this meant a great deal to me.

"Completing my Master’s has allowed me to apply for higher management roles within the aged care sector, and it also opened the doors for me to become a lecturer at a local University. I am now studying my PhD, focusing on older rural Australians, which would not have been possible, without the qualifications that I gained at CSU.

"My course has assisted me with a greater knowledge of my working area and has shown me what types of roles I could be doing in the future.

"CSU is unique in the way that they are able to offer such an advanced online course, with lecturers and tutors who are very dedicated, and realise that people have very busy lives and need to be given a particular type of support when they are studying online."