CSU Live Testimonial

Sure BennettSue Bennett

Master of Gerontology

"When selecting my course, I was seeking a postgraduate degree that would offer me further skills and knowledge in issues of ageing. It also needed to be offered online due to my locality and work commitments. CSU has a wonderful reputation in online education, so it was one of my first considerations and it offered the study option in Gerontology that I was seeking, so it was easy to make the decision to submit an application.

"Whilst studying, I lived on the Central Coast of NSW and continued to work. Studying and working was a juggling act but being able to study part-time helped me to afford work commitments and also for important times with family.  Having the option to be flexible with the study workload allowed that balance with my daily life.  I could study at my own pace; there was always access to lecturers through email or telephone conversations as well as through the subject forums; and there was 24 hour access to the library and books could be requested online and arrived promptly. The subject/discussion forums also provided the perfect venue for connecting with other students.

"The degree complemented my work as a social worker within a Specialist Mental Health Service for Older People. I was also able to implement new thinking and ideas about ageing within my workplace.  I wanted to enhance my skills and knowledge by incorporating gerontological theory and concepts into my social work practice in order to seek better outcomes for my clients and to assist in policy change within the wider aged care system. The course provided me with enhanced skills and knowledge that were able to be transferred to my everyday work environment. It also encouraged me to present papers at conferences and to assume an educative role within my workplace.

"I am the first person within my family to pursue postgraduate study. This has provided a model within my family to encourage them to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams. My most memorable CSU experience was attending my graduation ceremony where I was able to meet with our inspiring course coordinator and lecturer, Ms Robin Harvey, as well as fellow graduands, as we celebrated our achievement.

"I have now re-enrolled with CSU to complete my Master of Social Work (Advanced Practice). Once I have completed this degree, I am thinking about the possibility of a professional Doctorate or a PhD, again with CSU.

"Education and opportunities with CSU do not cease; rather, CSU academics encourage students to keep studying and achieving. The uniqueness of CSU is due to its online practice, ensuring that tertiary education is available to all people regardless of their geographical location.  CSU also encourages equity in education for those from rural areas to not have to relocate to major cities to pursue tertiary education. CSU offers you many course options which are relevant to today‚Äôs workplaces. CSU, although a large organisation, remains personal in its approach to the provision of tertiary education and provides encouragement to students to pursue and achieve their learning goals."