CSU Live Testimonial

Ben McEvoyBen McEvoy
Master of Management (Information Technology)

"When talking about CSU, I always tell family and friends that CSU is the largest Australian provider of distance education. For someone considering studying at CSU, I found the Masters course immediately applicable and relevant to my work. It really is a great way to gain access to the higher concepts and principles that may not be practised or even understood within middle and upper management of all but the top international firms. But, be conscious that distance education requires a high level of personal self-discipline.

"Cost and access to distance learning to allow me to complete the course from anywhere were important factors when choosing to study at CSU and accessing higher learning and academic understanding in my fields of interest - management and IT. I lived in Perth and then Sydney while I was studying and having the flexibility of attending sessions remotely, or replaying recorded sessions, was vital to me being able to fit the time commitment around my work and travel schedule. I blocked out committed time in my week to attend study sessions and complete assessment items in stages leading up to the due date.

"The course introduced me to a wide range of useful concepts, principles, patterns and practical skills which helped me in my existing role and assisted me to confidently step up to a more strategic, national position. There were both direct and indirect benefits from the course in relation to my plans for career development. Directly, because some of the assessments related to my organisation, I could take and use these immediately in my organisations. Indirectly, many of the theories and concepts I learned could be applied more broadly to my management role.

"Attending graduation was a great experience, heading out to the campus and putting faces to a lot of the names I'd been dealing with over the years."