CSU Live Testimonial

Helen BurgessHelen Burgess
Master of Mobile Applications Development

"I looked at a number of factors when choosing to study at CSU including the content of the course, the course fees, online study options and the support available. I needed to be able to study online and part-time, as I was looking to teach higher education courses in IT.

"I live in Perth, Western Australia, and work for myself so I could schedule work and study around my contracts. Sometimes these contracts impacted on the delivery quality of my assessments, but I have a supportive husband who helps out around the house when I am rushing to get an assignment finished.

"The course has enhanced my knowledge of industry requirements and has given me another string to my bow. I am now able to program in C# as well as understand the mobile landscape. It has also given me the knowledge that I did not previously have and the lecturers also give inspiration about this sector of the industry. The lectures were also recorded, so if I was unable to attend, I could easily view it online.

"CSU is unique in that it provides a wide range of industry-led lecturers with an emphasis on practical work and the support that is available by the whole team. If anybody asks me where I am doing my Masters, I tell them it is through CSU!"