CSU Live Testimonial

Jette McKellarJette McKellar
Bachelor of Information Technology

"I had been interested in the digital world for some time when I made the decision to further my education and study in the field of information technology.

"The biggest factor for me in choosing to study at CSU was the reputation of CSU for providing a quality education, flexible learning and a proven record of graduates being employed in their field of study.

"Once enrolled, I found various ways of connecting with fellow students, including Facebook groups, forums, Skype and email. This made connecting with fellow students easy. I would recommend for students to get involved in the forums and groups. Fellow students are all going through a similar experience and, from my experience, are happy to help others.

"One of the advantages of studying online is being able to complete my studies at a time that suits me. If I can't make it to a lecture, there is always the recorded session to watch at a time that is convenient to me. All the information I require is online and allows me to be able to lead a very balanced lifestyle. Most evenings between March and October are spent at my desk completing my studies. I wouldn't be able to do this without the support of my husband, who does the majority of the housework during this time. The support from my husband allows me to have a good balance between study, work and social / recreational pursuits, as I am a competitive cyclist.

"The course is already opening up opportunities for me at work to participate in the IT field that would have never presented themselves otherwise. Overall, the course is helping me transition to a new career.

"My most memorable experience at CSU so far is the interaction with people who I would probably never have come into contact with otherwise. It has been a wonderful experience. Along with the interaction is the fantastic support I have received from all of my lecturers. Without their support I certainly would not have achieved the results that I have so far.

"To someone considering study at CSU, find a course that you are really interested in studying and, if in doubt, ask someone. The staff and lecturers at CSU are all willing to provide help, guidance and information. I believe that being regional, CSU understands that to succeed, students need to be supported in their studies and this is certainly what I have experienced."