CSU Live Testimonial

Matthew EdwardsMatthew Edwards
Bachelor of Computer Science

"When deciding to study at CSU the most important factors for me were campus location, university reputation and the interest I had in the courses on offer. Everything lined up quite well with deciding to study at CSU because the course I was interested in was in my hometown of Bathurst. Additionally, my mother is a successful distance education student of CSU and this helped me to know for certain that it was a good university to be involved with. Having a CSU campus located in Bathurst was also fortunate, as moving away for university would have made my choice to enrol a much harder one to make.

"Prior to study, I already knew I had strong self-motivation skills, but studying at CSU has helped me sharpen these skills. The fact that choosing to study was my decision meant that the choice to stay motivated was also my decision. I believe there is a direct link between how motivated you are and the outcomes you get from the course. I always follow a study and assignment plan but sometimes the study juggling act doesn't quite work out the way it is supposed to and this is a good thing. It has helped me prepare and work better under pressure and to be able to make adjustments to my plans on the go. Time management skills are really important and studying at CSU has helped me refine my skills in this area as well.

"The course has also helped to prepare me for the workforce as certain topics covered have been for the specific purpose of helping me understand what life will be like once I have a job in the industry. It has also been comforting to know that considerations have been made towards ensuring I know what to expect when I hit the workforce.

"My most memorable experience so far is receiving an award for the good results I had achieved in the course. It had actually never really occurred to me that I could or would ever win an award so it was a really good feeling when I found out. It was good to know that my efforts had not gone unnoticed.

"To anyone considering studying at CSU I would say go for it. If you feel strongly about a certain career path you wish to follow, and the option is right in front of you, then take it. Study at CSU can be a really fulfilling experience."