CSU Live Testimonial

Reece HamblinReece Hamblin
Bachelor of Information Technology

"When selecting a course, I found the Bachelor of Information Technology at CSU was a great choice, given the flexibility of subject choice, and the option of various minors and majors to pursue. My course was partially supported by my employer, so I was very careful to select a course that matched very closely to my workplace responsibilities. In addition to this, I also thought about which courses and subjects would allow me to further my growth and career advancement prospects for the future. I found that the Information Systems Management major really allowed me to gain insightful IT management skills. The course also provided for many real-world examples and projects, giving me the opportunity to carry out projects with my current employer, while also using these during my studies.

"I find that the smaller size of a regional university like CSU allows for a greater connection and support from lecturers. I think this is important as not all teaching and learning methods suit all students - having the ability to tailor methods to each student in a smaller class means better results. I also believe that being smaller and more isolated, CSU can often provide much more specialised and tailored courses to the country and regional areas, which is ever-increasing in importance.

"To someone considering studying at CSU, don't be afraid to go with a regional university. I found the CSU support, lecturers and other students professional, easy to get along with, and flexible in my learning requirements. My emails and requests were often answered in the same day, meaning I could easily get on with my study."