CSU Live Testimonial

Probationary Constable Joshua Scharkie portrait

Probationary Constable Joshua Scharkie

"What attracted me to the NSW Police Force was the impact a police officer can have on a community, the variety of people they can encounter during a shift and the many different departments within the NSW Police Force.

"The course absolutely prepared me for the Police Force. Even though you learn something new every day at the station, the course prepared me with the necessary skills to be able to survive in the working environment of the NSW Police Force.

"I enjoy everything about general duties policing - general duties are the first response to any incident that may occur in the Local Area Command. We deal with everyone which gives us a massive variety to make our days very interesting.

"If you have any thought to join the NSW Police Force, do not hesitate, just do it. The more you hesitate, the more you will regret not joining the best team and having the best job in the world.