CSU Live Testimonial

Amber Jennings

Amber Jennings
Bachelor of Laws

"I chose to study CSU’s Bachelor of Laws because I am passionate about law and justice. I also wanted a course that I could study online and still live in my hometown of Young with my family and friends. Growing up in a rural and regional area I was drawn to the Bachelor of Laws as it is the only law course with a special focus on rural and regional issues. I have always dreamt of becoming a rural lawyer and this course is making it a reality.

"I currently work full-time as a Licensed Conveyancer / Paralegal at a busy law firm in Young. The study has been very relevant to my role as I want to become a lawyer in a law firm. Working in the legal industry and studying law is definitely an advantage as I am gaining that practical insight as well as learning the theory behind it all.

"It has been difficult to fit study in with my life commitments but being so determined to achieve my dreams, I’m making it happen. I need to be prepared and organised for study each week and it is all about creating a healthy balance. Having a great support network has made it all easier too - I’ve had the support of people to proof-read my essays or make me dinner when it all gets too much. I can also study when I want to study – at 6am Sunday morning or 9pm Wednesday night, it doesn’t matter as it’s all up to me. Studying online has also allowed me to stay working and be with my family while pursuing my career and degree.

"It has been easy to connect with other students. Once we broke the ice at residential school, the communication has been flowing – having a mate that I can just message and check that I am on the right track.  Adobe meetings and discussion boards are also an excellent way to ask a question that I may be stuck on or just want to clarify. It is amazing that in a short space of time I have really been able to get a grasp on the unit. The lectures and activities are interesting and it has really helped to sharpen my knowledge. It has also been great to meet other students and staff. If you attend a residential school, stay on campus! I learnt so much from talking and discussing the day with my fellow students.

"I am the first to study at University in my family and they are extremely proud of me and what I have achieved so far. I am also proud to study at University. I love the opportunity it has given me to enhance my career as well as achieve my dreams. It is an opportunity that was not available to my parents or sister and I just want to grab it with both hands.

"CSU is a great University that strives on academic excellence. The support for online students is outstanding. CSU has a rural vibe, something that I look for as I love living and working in a rural area. Regional universities are unique because they are approachable and friendly. CSU communicates so well and has a great support network for students. Even as an online student, I still feel like part of the CSU family. If you are considering study, just do it. Studying with CSU has opened up so many doors for me, it is an amazing university. If you are studying as an online student, then CSU is the way to go. They are so supportive and the communication and assistance is excellent."