CSU Live Testimonial

Miriam Dayhew

Miriam Dayhew
Bachelor of Laws

“I looked at a number of factors when considering my study options. I work full-time in the field of tertiary education – I actually work for CSU as a general staff member – so flexibility was very important. CSU also had a reputation for high quality online learning which was vital for me.

“I’ve been able to fit study into my life as I mostly do my assignments on the weekend – of course, just before they are due! I also enjoy the quiet time from my busy office where I can read the texts and recommended readings for each of the subjects. Studying online has provided me with the flexibility I wanted – if I can’t sleep I can always get up, turn on the computer and do a bit of reading.

“The course has added knowledge and theory behind much of my daily work and has allowed me to further understand some aspects of my work and the way in which others respond to me. I have also attended a residential school and it was very interesting meeting my fellow students and my lecturers as a student rather than my usual staff member persona.  There are also quite a number of other staff who also study at CSU – we know the value of the CSU experience.

“I think the students are what makes CSU unique – many are studying online and working with families so they are not the archetypal school leaver and they bring some fascinating insights that get explored on the forums and online meeting.

“My most memorable CSU experience was graduating from my Master of Education. I was actually the Master of Ceremonies at the graduation ceremony and I got to slip off the stage, get my hood on and then come back on stage – much to the amusement of everyone.

“To anyone considering studying at CSU – do it!  I enrolled in this course for personal interest after my daughter did a similar course but completing the Bachelor of Laws will lead me to an active retirement.”