CSU Live Testimonial

Monique Smith

Monique Smith
Bachelor of Laws

"I looked at a number of factors when selecting this course including the option of studying online, my work / life balance and the regional focus of the course. I also liked the online support that was available but also the proximity of the actual campus to my home for residential schools and to use the on campus services if I needed them. The flexible delivery of the course was also a considering factor.

"I am currently working full time, although my current role is not 100% relevant to my course. I am looking for a career change to pursue my passion rather than just doing full-time work. The course is not only providing me with the study and knowledge I need, but opportunities for volunteer work and exposure to looking at the legal system in action. It is also opening up so many different career options that I can explore, options I would never have thought of previously.

"Study in the first few weeks was a difficult challenge, however attending the residential school really helped me to adjust focus on my study techniques and provided lots of support. It was very informative and we had speakers from different areas of the legal profession. The lecturers were very hands on and involved and provided information on study skills, essay preparation, career opportunities and referencing workshops. It was also a fantastic opportunity to build new friendships and study group support. Following the residential school, I now communicate with fellow students online in adobe meetings, chat sessions and via an external Facebook group that we created. The biggest help has also been that I have found study to be fascinating and I really enjoy the reading material. There is fantastic online support at all times and I have the flexibility to study when it suits me and my family.

"I am the first in my family to attend University and this has been a huge accomplishment and my family are very proud, but more importantly I am setting an example for my daughter that she can do anything she puts her mind to and can change her future at any time.

"CSU has more of a community feel and I feel more supported at CSU. To anyone considering studying at CSU, don’t wait, apply now! It’s easier than you think and you will be surprised at how easy it is to get hooked on study."