CSU Live Testimonial

Hossain Salahuddin
Bachelor of Information Studies (Librarianship)

Hossain Salahuddin"I enrolled in this course after completing the TAFE Diploma of Library and Information Services. I was looking for an institution with a good reputation for delivering higher education in Library and Information Studies. My TAFE teachers had a very high opinion of CSU and studying online was particularly suitable for me as I was already working in the industry. CSU was the obvious choice.

"From what I understand, the School of Information Studies is one of the largest providers of Library and Information Studies within the Asia-Pacific region and it has a reputation of producing quality research outputs.  I was interested in doing research and thought CSU was a good choice. I have found CSU to be very accommodating and flexible.

"For someone who has been working in the information studies industry for some time, but needed a qualification for career progression, studying online was the perfect choice for me. I could study at my own pace - jump ahead or catch-up as needed. I also felt that I was appreciated by my peers for studying while working full-time - they saw this as a commitment to the Library and Information Studies profession. After four and a half years of working as a Knowledge Management Analyst, I have recently been promoted to a Senior Researcher position within Westpac Group. My CSU qualification has been pivotal for this move.

"I undertook a three week work placement component during my course. I applied for the 2016 Internship program at the Australian Parliamentary Library in Canberra and was very fortunate to be picked. I found it quite easy to connect with other students via the online Forum and we also use Facebook to keep in touch. The online modules are exceptionally well-written and provide ample reading materials to encourage further research. Lecturers and subject-coordinators are very knowledgeable and approachable. They are very passionate about what they teach. The feedback I received from Dr Jake Wallis on some of my assignments will always stay with me. I never met Dr Wallis, yet he is probably the most inspiring teacher I have had since leaving school.

"I will be the first in my family to graduate from university and this means a lot to me and my family. They are very proud and appreciate that I have achieved this while working full-time. As someone born in a remote village in Bangladesh – this has been quite a journey for me.

"I think the School of Information Studies, and CSU in general, offers an Australian perspective in teaching and research. I have always found CSU and its staff to be very welcoming. If you are after a learning experience that will be simultaneously challenging and rewarding; and if you want to be intellectually stimulated without being overwhelmed, then consider the flexible learning options CSU offers. For library and information studies students, I feel that CSU is the place to study – you will learn the foundations of traditional librarianship as well as cutting edge Information Studies. It’s the combination of these two that I found most valuable as a student and a professional in the field."