CSU Live Testimonial

Emily Prince
CSU Information Studies graduate

“Studying at CSU, I enjoyed the sense of community. Studying via distance education can be an isolating experience, and many of the lecturers in the School of Information Studies encouraged us to form study groups, both online and in-person, in order to support one another. This enriched my study experience greatly, and I took advantage of the events and Facebook groups and the opportunity to form a consultative group.

“The best thing was learning, and realising a passion for literacy delivery that I didn’t even know I had. Working with books and words is still wonderful, but I am greatly fulfilled by my new interest in diminishing the digital divide and investigating literacy in all its forms.

“I haven’t even decided on which direction to take, as my studies at CSU have given me so many opportunities to explore. I am currently employed at an academic library and a public library, with a potential opportunity to volunteer at a historical library for women’s writers from the 16th to 19th centuries. One of the best things I have gained from CSU is opportunities to choose.

“Take advantage of as many events as possible, particularly if you are a distance student. Connections and networking in-person with my lecturers and classmates have been invaluable to the sense of achievement and inclusion I have felt. It’s a real confidence booster to meet other people passionate about what you’ve been studying.”