CSU Live Testimonial

Lauren Richardson

CSU Information Studies graduate

“My motivation for choosing information studies was to learn how to design, plan, develop, manage and evaluate information services to meet the needs of my clients. I wanted to position myself to become a knowledgeable professional in a rapidly changing, technology-driven and information-rich world, with the communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills needed to work effectively and efficiently in a global environment.

“I enjoyed the flexibility offered by studying through distance learning. I benefited from the online conversations and interactions with students from across Australia and other parts of the world. The communication and sharing of ideas and experiences broadened my own knowledge and opinions on different topics and their impact and application in the information studies environment.

“The course has allowed me to address key issues faced by information professionals such as managing new information opportunities, using IT solutions and managing the impact of new information-based products and services, the importance of communicating and demonstrating value. Through the blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application at the core of this degree’s design, I have emerged confident in my ability to tackle current and future IT, information management and organisational challenges."