CSU Live Testimonial

Sarika Singh

Bachelor of Information Studies graduate

The reason for choosing this course was to develop and enhance my knowledge and skills in libraries and gain the qualification and eligibility to apply for librarian positions at my current workplace or any other libraries. My main motivation was to grow in my career and become an information professional / librarian.

I enjoyed the variety of units that was offered and could choose electives that I was really passionate about and wanted to develop my skills in, such as data management, information architecture and web usability.

The best thing about my study was flexibility; I was able to study at my own pace.

Make sure you plan your time well and don’t leave your assignments to the last minute! And the other thing is to remember that there is no silly question and I have learnt that the more you ask, the clearer it gets especially if you have questions in regards to your assignments. The lecturers have been supportive throughout my course and it will make your life a lot easier. It was a pleasure studying at CSU.