CSU Live Testimonial

Lori Korodaj

Lori Korodaj

Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation)

“I was excited by a degree that promised to push the boundaries of my knowledge and provide a fresh view. I could also investigate an area of professional interest. Having studied with Charles Sturt University (CSU) before, I knew how well CSU supports students studying online.

"I completed this degree while working part-time, raising a family and marking for CSU. I applied for and received a scholarship from the ACT Education Directorate to assist with my fees over the two years I studied. I managed to fit study into my life with the support of my ever patient husband and two children who accepted that sometimes I had to study rather than hang out with them.

"This degree has allowed me to extend my knowledge within my own profession, and provide fresh inspiration for the work that I do with staff and students.

"The school I work at gave me the scope to implement and experiment with new knowledge and practice in the workplace. Indeed, the work from my final case study directly related to a new direction our school was taking in regards to student support and engagement, and is ongoing beyond the end of my degree. It’s a reflection on CSU’s ability to ensure that all assessment can be used practically in the workplace.

"The Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) is cutting edge in its field – what one of the lecturers called ‘bleeding edge’! It really stretched my professional knowledge and boundaries, and connected me with other educators nationally and internationally. Well respected practitioners in their field were part of our teaching team, making what we were learning valid and exciting.

"CSU and the School of Information Studies has always led the way with online study. There is ample support and learning materials provided in the Interact space, and particularly in this degree, help was available via our Facebook page and a short Tweet away! It was also a quick and easy way of building an online Professional Learning Network. We were required to keep in touch via Interact, but also via our public blogs, Twitter, Voice Thread, and a number of online tools."