CSU Live Testimonial

Mary CoeMary Coe
Master of Information Studies (Applied Research)

"I considered a number of options when selecting my course. I wanted to study online rather than having to attend classes and I was looking for a degree that would allow me to conduct research, hence my attraction to the Applied Research specialisation. CSU provided the ease of studying online, had the appropriate course on offer and the cost of study was also a factor.

"I lived in Sydney and worked while I was studying. My study was both relevant to my role and allowed me to change roles (within the same field). I tried to include one full day per week for study and I found that this day was usually spent going through online material and working on assessments. I used other available time during the week, usually in the evening or on weekends, for reading. I connected with other students through online forums, during study visits, and at an outreach event at the Olympic Park campus in Sydney. I found that I had to make the effort to connect with other students, but, once I did, it was rewarding. I also found that attending the graduation ceremony in Wagga Wagga was a great way to feel connected with the university and my faculty.

"The course has provided new opportunities for me because of the work placement component and it has given me a qualification that will allow me to change roles or further develop my current career.  It has also provided me with the opportunity to pursue my own interests through research.

"The last year of my course was the most memorable, because I was able to conduct my own research and work closely with supervisors at CSU, who were very supportive.  I would not have had the confidence to apply for the PhD course without this experience.  I am now enrolled as a PhD student at CSU, which has also taken my career in a new direction.

"I do not feel like a ‘drop in the bucket’ at CSU. I find the CSU lecturers and staff to be very supportive and helpful. To anyone considering studying at CSU, consider a regional university such as CSU, because it may offer greater support for students and good options for online study. There may also be more options for continuing study, such as my decision to continue as a PhD student."