CSU Live Testimonial

Michelle Allen
Bachelor of Information Studies (Information and Knowledge Management)

Michelle Allen"I lived in Melbourne while I was studying and worked four days a week. I was already working in the library and information industry but I wanted to become qualified to be able to take on greater responsibilities.

"I did wonder whether I would be able to manage study and work, but having the flexibility of online study meant I could apply myself in blocks of time to suit my commitments. While it sometimes felt all-encompassing and sometimes I was tired, I still made time to see my friends and family.

"I found it easy to connect with other students due in large part to the residential school at the beginning of the course. I then found other ways to connect organically via social networking, seeking out classmates at professional events and by joining groups and forums. I also found the staff to be very supportive, from facilitating discussion, to providing detailed feedback on assignments. They were approachable, friendly and helpful.

"I did try other study in the past and at times I didn’t thrive, but I found CSU started me on the right note, where I was able jump in, make friends, and begin study with a good outlook and attitude.

"In my second year, I took a difficult subject, in which I had very little technical knowledge. Where I might have given up in the past, I was able to push through and submit my assignment, and while I understandably didn’t get great marks for that particular assignment, the fact that I was able to complete the assignment and pass was the boost I needed to keep going.  I learned something profound about myself that week and it was my most memorable CSU experience.

"My family were incredibly proud to see me graduate. They knew I could do it, that I just needed the right factors to come together.  Yes, I was ready, but CSU ensured that they had a great many things in place at the outset, such as a sense of connection, study skills help, and good advice from educators.

"This was my first time studying at a regional university. There was a very inclusive, practical, hands-on approach which really suited me personally. CSU is a great university at which to study and I cannot recommend it highly enough. To achieve a degree, you really must personally be ready to commit yourself. If you are, you will have every chance of success at CSU."