CSU Live Testimonial

Susan Sturgess
Bachelor of Information Studies (Librarianship)

 Susan Sturgess"The Bachelor of Information Studies (Librarianship) provided me with the opportunity to further my career while fitting study around my personal circumstances. The course at CSU was highly recommended to me by my colleagues who had completed it within the past five years.

"I lived in Sydney and worked full-time while I was studying. I could do my studies when and wherever it suited me. I found the semesters at around three months easy to plan for, although I had a very limited social life during term time. I always felt I could look forward to semester breaks to take holidays and catch up with family and friends.

"I loved the work placement part of the course as it gave me the opportunity to see an alternate type of library service in operation - had I been at a different stage of my career, I may have tried to secure work there! I managed to secure a promotion even before I had graduated as the course subject matter, concepts and skills learnt were highly relevant to my work. I also built a wider range of technology skills. Through studying the course, I have obtained a pool of additional knowledge and skills that are now put into practice at work in my library. It has given me more confidence and I enjoy being able to share study and research skills with student library users. I found CSU staff to be positive, full of praise and very understanding of my personal circumstances when necessary, subsequent to my husband becoming seriously ill.

"My most memorable CSU experience was getting my first high distinction; at the outset, I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to manage to pass! I was the first in my immediate family to graduate. Even though I was 56 years of age, my 78 year old mum was so proud. CSU is unique in that I could see many mature age students, like myself, working toward achievement of lifelong dreams. The rewards of facing challenges such as study are immense and deeply satisfying and the learning opportunities afforded apply at work as well as in my personal life."