CSU Live Testimonial

Laura Douglas

Laura Douglas
Bachelor Oral Health (Therapy and Hygiene)

“I chose to study the Bachelor of Oral Health after being introduced to dentistry when I began working as a dental assistant to support myself when studying an entirely different degree.  

“I thoroughly enjoyed the work and found the clinical side of dentistry very interesting. I took a four-year break from work to raise my young family and in that time I realised I had a passion for dentistry and wanted to take my learning to the next level.  

“I chose to study Oral Health as it has a clinical role providing dental treatment but also has a strong focus on oral disease prevention and promoting health in individuals and communities.  

“CSU was not my first choice of university as I was well established in Brisbane and had a young family, a house, and a family business based in Queensland, all of which made the move to Wagga Wagga very difficult. I was offered a place at CSU well before offers for my local University in QLD so as a family we made the difficult decision to relocate.   

“I was not expecting to enjoy living in Wagga Wagga, being so far away from my family and friends and the life I was settled in. Relocating to Wagga for uni turned out to be much more than just study, the experience of living in a regional town, the travel and the community life in Wagga was amazing.  

“I found that many students have relocated from all across Australia to study at CSU, which means we are all in the same situation living so far from home. It creates a unique environment where our lives at uni and outside of uni are closely connected.  

“In my degree, this fostered close friendships and a strong bond as a class group. We all supported and helped each other through, studying together, assisting each other in clinic and sharing our knowledge and experience.  Even after graduation, we’re all still connected as a group and helping each other.