CSU Live Testimonial

Lauren Hogan

Lauren Hogan
Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy and Hygiene)

"I have been involved in the field of Oral Health since I was 15. It is something that I find interesting as it is continually developing. And everyone has teeth! So it’s a health field that is essential for people of all ages.

"The oral health course offered by CSU is amazing. It is hard work, but anything worthwhile is hard work. It is a course that will introduce you to many people and give you skills that will not only support your career but throughout your life. Throughout the course we were involved in community programs for oral health promotion – I thoroughly enjoyed these subjects. I enjoyed been a part of the community, going out and helping people. Plus the hands on experience is very rewarding.

"Having moved to Melbourne from Albury, I choose to study at CSU / Holmesglen as it was a combination of rural and city experiences. Having grown up in a town that had a strong link to CSU, I knew about the fantastic name the university had plus it gave me a chance to live the city life for a bit longer! The chance to work in both metropolitan and rural areas is a brilliant opportunity.

"When I think back to my past three years, there are so many highlights. But the one which stands out the most is the friendships created. Not only with fellow classmates but with staff also. The staff at both campuses were friendly, supportive and motivating. 

"As a group we always supported each other, helped each other, encouraged each other and taught each other – that mixed with daily laughs and social events made for the best experience. Another highlight that stands out is the chance to participate in the community. Promoting oral health is something I am very passionate about and been able to visit local communities was very rewarding."