CSU Live Testimonial

Marie Nakai

Marie Nakai
Bachelor of Medical Science graduate

“How the body works, particularly pathology, which can determine the cause and the nature of disease, interests me very much. Learning about pathology tests, which 70 per cent of medical treatment decisions rely on, is very exciting. This course also opens up a path to students who are thinking about studying Medicine.

“Compared to universities in a big city, CSU lecturers try to remember and look after each student. Whenever I went to see lecturers and asked questions, they were very helpful. It was the biggest reason for me that I could complete my degree.

“CSU organised an international experience program in Europe and I was among the 25 students who visited world-renowned biomedical research centres and institutions for three weeks in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany. It was a wonderful opportunity and opened my eyes to the world in my career area.

“The course requires students to complete 300 hours of clinical placement at any pathology lab. I did mine in Wagga Wagga at private and public pathology labs, as well as in Griffith. Clinical placement made me clearer on what I had learned and how it was used in reality. Microbiology especially made a lot more sense after I did my placement.

“Just ask lecturers if you don’t understand anything in a lecture. They won’t give you the answers for an assignment, but they will definitely assist you to get there!”