CSU Live Testimonial

Samuel de Keizer

Samuel de Keizer
Master of Nursing student  

"After completing my undergraduate degree at Charles Sturt University (CSU), I returned to study here as I really enjoyed the attitude and availability of the course coordinators and lecturers. I wanted to learn at a university that is known and respected in the health industry. CSU is a valued rural educator who understands online education to deliver a course that enhances my learning. 

"The lecturers really understood my personal situation and were more than happy to be contacted out of hours and modified online lecture times to suit my needs. This helped to foster an understanding between lectures and students, taking the stress out of asking for extensions and responding to feedback.

"My university degree has had a positive impact on the way I think and act in my practice. Looking back, I realise how much of my degree is so practical in my line of work. 

"One of the highlights of the course was feeling respected and valued because of my life experience and previous occupations. The simulated learning environments also had a big impact on my success in work placements and readiness for the workforce."