CSU Live Testimonial

Julieann HallJulieann Hall
Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health) student

“I was attracted to this course by the opportunity of employment back on my land and with the communities. It also allowed me to be home with my daughter and other extended family. I chose CSU back in 1994 and have always found the uni to be very approachable and accessible for me.

“I have always studied online and coming to campus for residential schools has been a great experience. Being employed by Far West Local Health District as a trainee and undertaking my studies online has allowed me to be with my family and nurture my relationships with my community. I have been able to fit study around work, social or family commitments.

“CSU has always been fantastic at not allowing the complexities of life challenges to interfere with one’s educational journey, ensuring there is always a way of varying your study load to suit your study / life / work balance. 

“Ngungilanna at Wagga Wagga have provided me with all the information and support, from class timetables to travel arrangements. Away From Base, quality and finance services have all been supportive, and the library has been great over the years. Academic staff have all been extremely supportive and caring during the three-year study journey. For me personally, I had the loss of my father and then the birth of my first grandchild, and my lecturers shared those experiences with me.

“Students are made to feel that they matter and that the people behind the services offered within CSU really do care about education, learning and the development of young and old minds alike. CSU campuses are regionally based and this makes the cost of attending uni less expensive, as living costs are reduce. This was another reason for choosing CSU, as I did not want to study at a city campus.

“The highlights of my university experience have been meeting new people, learning new things and discovering that there are strong and capable future Indigenous leaders that CSU is nurturing, and I am part of something bigger.

“I would like to do more study and specialise in Perinatal Mental Health. I would like to be involved with the project known as First 1,000 Days – in respect to a child’s life, these are the most important. Making a structured and deliberate approach to engaging young first-time mothers in an effort to educate more, intervene less and prevent crises before they impact on the child.

“To anyone considering study at CSU, go for it! Let CSU help you change your educational life journey. They are deadly … truly, my Indigenous colleagues would understand that when we say ‘deadly’, we know it’s good!”