CSU Live Testimonial

Jessica Harris
Bachelor of Science

"Having been working on an orchard for 10 years I had come to realise that plants are really interesting things. There's more to them than I would have imagined. The Bachelor of Science by distance at CSU was a great opportunity to study without leaving the farm.

"I love the res schools; being in the labs and using the microscopes is probably my favourite part. The big thing is being able to design and build my own Bachelor of Science with all of the units I want to learn. I've found the staff to be most helpful when I get stuck too.

"I'm studying the Plant Science major, with a Biology minor, plus I've used my electives to throw in a heap of agricultural and horticultural science. Growing up on a farm, working on farms and orchards, it just seems to be what I do, and I'm always looking to learn more.

"It's such a flexible course - the sky is the limit!"