CSU Live Testimonial

Rowan AldenRowan Alden
Bachelor of Science - Plant Science major

"I chose to study my Bachelor of Science at CSU because of the flexibility CSU offered in terms of distance and on campus study. CSU has a very large range of subjects in the field that interested me (Biology and Plant Science) so I did not have to do subjects that did not interest me. The Bachelor of Science is very flexible and you can choose most of the subjects that you study, enabling you to specialise. CSU is located in regional centres throughout NSW, which suited me as I did not want to live in a city while studying.

"In my Plant Science research project I will be using some of the scanning electron microscopes in the new National Life Sciences Hub to observe the morphological structures of Acacia seeds. Opportunities such as this one are wonderful because it enables you to direct your own learning and increase your research skills, while carrying out original research.

"I am hoping to begin an Honours year when I graduate and hopefully continue with a research career after that.

"The teaching staff are absolutely fantastic. They are enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about their fields of research. The online environment is easy to negotiate and distance learning is well organised. The campuses have great facilities including new labs and equipment. Living on campus is especially good for your first year as the residential staff help you to make friends and get involved with the uni.

"Choose a degree (or in the case of the Bachelor of Science, a major) that you're really interested in. Make the most of opportunities like the mentoring program for first-year students, clubs, boards, committees, exchanges, conferences, internships, etc. Get to know your peers and lecturers and learn from them. Enjoy and appreciate the wonderful opportunity you have to study at CSU."