CSU Live Testimonial

Abeer rehman

Abeer Rehman

Master of Arts (Classical Arabic)

"Charles Sturt University (CSU), in collaboration with the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA), is the best place in Australia to start a journey on understanding the true meaning of our religion. ISRA has put in a lot of effort to ensure they remain true to their cause. They are actively involved in the community and government levels, and make sure they address the current affairs emerging in the world.

"When looking at course options I wanted a course that had a proper structure. Due to the complexity of the language, a gradual learning experience was exceptionally important rather than an intense three or six month course. I attended an orientation session and quickly realised that this course was exactly what I was looking for as it was structured in parts: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Another really important factor for me was considering the faculty who was teaching the course, their way of teaching, the learning environment and the university’s reputation.

"I was living in Sydney when I started studying but moved to Canberra with my job just before the last semester. The transition from being an on-campus student to studying online was a bit challenging at the beginning but with the use of multimedia and the latest teaching tools, I quickly overcame these difficulties.

"This course is just the beginning in my journey to learn Arabic. It has created a very strong foundation on which I can build my future endeavours."