CSU Live Testimonial

Christine Palmer

Christine Palmer
Bachelor of Theology

"I considered a number of factors when choosing to study at Charles Sturt University (CSU), including proximity (I lived about 10km from the Parramatta campus), capacity to study face-to-face as well as flexibility to study online if required. I decided to study the Bachelor of Theology as this was a requirement for becoming a Minister of the Word in the Uniting Church.

"I managed to fit study in by organising classes when it didn’t clash with my family commitments. I also had a supportive partner who encouraged me and ensured I had time to study.

"The lecturers and staff at the Parramatta campus were excellent, from the administrative staff to the lecturers. I loved the smaller classes at the campus as I was able to participate in discussions, and the lecturers got to know me and were easy to approach and helpful if I was having any issues.

"I found that my course helped me to develop skills that would be essential for my role as an Ordained Minister in the study of Scripture as well as in Pastoral Care. These skills have also been very helpful to me as a person and my course helped me to grow both academically and personally. I found my overall experience to be a very positive one."