CSU Live Testimonial

Ennis Macleod

Ennis Macleod

Graduate Diploma of Theology

"I didn’t think that I would be doing more study at this stage of my life, but since starting, I realise there are many people near to retirement age who have the time, resources and desire to think deeply and systematically about the place of God in their lives. Not only does study keep my mind active and alert, but there is a real sense of being on a different part of the same journey as younger students.

"I had been skirting around the real issues involved in theology for decades before the time to focus on them became available. Once I took it, I found I was able to examine the interaction between life and theology as I have found it in my life.

"While I am studying I am also working as a Study Skills Tutor at the United Theological College (UTC). My work involves supporting Charles Sturt University (CSU) Bachelor of Theology students and Korean researchers. As well as tutoring Indigenous students. I was an English teacher for 30 years, and although my initial intention was not to train for another career, I have discovered an aptitude for study, and enjoy the thinking and researching that study encourages.

"The CSU campus at UTC is unique with its availability of faculty and support from library and admin staff. The options for all sorts of study make CSU a good choice when thinking about which university to study at."