CSU Live Testimonial

Janelle Difalco

Janelle Difalco
Bachelor of Islamic Studies

"I wanted a course in which I could gain knowledge and expertise in something that I was interested in, and that could impact my future and open pathways to many opportunities. I chose Charles Sturt University (CSU) as they could support me academically and financially (through HECS) and I could study online.

"I found it easy to connect with other students, especially in my tutorial sessions as they are on the same path as me and I can ask for help. I have also found studying at the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA) to be very peaceful as it has its own study space in the library.

"I’ve received support from lecturers who have helped me choose the right subjects that bring out the best in me. This has helped me stay positive and motivated to get to my future goals. As an online student I thought it would have been difficult for staff to help me; however, it has been the opposite – they are always there to support and respond with detailed feedback.

"My most memorable CSU experience has to be the assessments – it's a time to research what I have learned from the subjects and my own insight and ideas. It's like a test to see what I have understood and it feels really good getting feedback so I can keep improving.

"This will be my first time graduating from a bachelor’s course as it is my highest qualification and is really special to me. I’ve had a good experience with CSU and this is the one university I will stick with as it's really engaged with me."