CSU Live Testimonial

Ruth Walton

Ruth Walton
Bachelor of Theology

"I wanted a course that offered a variety of perspectives so I could reflect on my current approach to thinking about and understanding theology – I did not want a course that would simply confirm my current thinking.

"I needed to study online with good access to lecturers and study materials as I was working full-time at a large Catholic High School. Studying online provided access to study materials at any time and I found this offered far more accessibility for my learning style. It also gave me flexibility in learning style, place and time.

"Staff responded to questions promptly and provided helpful answers. Comments and feedback on assessment tasks were always insightful and gave me food for thought, plus ideas to improve subsequent assignments. The online discussion board provided opportunities to interact with other students. I also attended a couple of residential schools which were brilliant. They provided the opportunity to put a face and personality to a name, as well as enabled me to have in-depth conversations on a range of topics. My most memorable CSU experience was writing my first Old Testament Exegesis… and loving it (much to my surprise!). The support from the lecturer was amazing – and I was so proud of the final result.

"My course prepared me well for life as a Deacon/Priest. It taught me to think critically about theological topics and provided a framework for further reading and reflection. Charles Sturt University is unique in that it provides a quality online experience and caters for a range of learning styles for people who are not able to relocate to a city or cannot afford to quit work to attend lectures."