CSU Live Testimonial

Anastasia Webster-Hawes
Theology student

Anastasia Webster-Hawes"Through St Mark's in Canberra, CSU offers a broad, deep, nonprescriptive approach to the study of theology, which encourages independent thought. Here, you are faced with all different ideas - you do not have to accept them, but you have to engage with them and this engagement is very fruitful.

"St Mark's is welcoming and inclusive - it is home. The people here are wonderful and the study itself has been greatly enriching and challenging. The study of theology is placed in the context of engagement with the world.

"Since beginning study, I have come to an awareness of my vocation. This directly flows from the way my mind has opened and my spirituality has developed through my studies. This study breeds a habit of examining presuppositions, searching for explanations, looking closely at things before me and looking closely at myself to see why I think the way I do about things."